Breaking poverty’s perpetual cycle!

Statistics show that 72 million children in the developing world were not in school in 2005. Working at a young age, many children are forced to be their family’s main financial supporter and, therefore, work in unfair conditions with no proper education to break poverty’s cycle. BeOne’s goal is to get children off the street and into school while meeting their family’s physiological needs. 

Donations = Survival

Families around the globe rely on others’ generous donations to help provide them with the food, supplies and resources they need to survive. 

Spreading Hope

Our founder, Lara, spending time with her new, Haitian friends. While visiting the Dominican Republic in early 2013, the BeOne team went to some of Puerto Plata’s poorest and most isolated communities. Although these villages have little, they have much in hope.

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Peace Is My Prayer

peace pixRadiant days and tired nights…that’s the best way to sum up what ‘Peace Is My Prayer’ means to me. I purposely use the word “radiant” because for five weeks in 2012, I felt like I was living in a dream. Loving friends quickly became family as I served in the Dominican Republic last summer. My days felt like fairytales as I was filled with more love, peace, joy, patience, self-control, goodness, kindness, faithfulness & gentleness than ever before. Yet every night, before the clock would strike midnight, the suffering and disparity I witnessed throughout the day would settle in, making my full heart feel heavier than one can imagine. How could my new family have literally nothing but somehow be the happiest people I’ve ever known? They understood something I didn’t: How to unconditionally livefully and freely. When I first heard ‘Peace Is My Prayer,’ I related to it immediately due toof all those tired nights; I knew this song would be the perfect anthem for BeOne. Undeservingly and thankfully, I work with a team of people who have believed in me from day one. My BeOne family made this video possible, taking the song and message behind it to the next level. We’ve poured our hearts into this in hopes of it touching yours. Enjoy, friends! –XOXO Lara

It's Easy To Love

Trash, decay, rubble, glass chards, sewage, rotten food, etc. filled the shore, spilling into the people's backyards. How could the same treasurable child who was holding me so closely wake up and see this every morning? There were kids walking around on the shore barefoot, unbothered by the unbelievable and unsanitary mess beneath their feet because they've never known anything else. This view is the messy reality for most of the kids in theboys & girls club, yet they are the first to flash a smile. While seeing all of this I was nothing but numb, unable to wrap my brain around the ugliness before me. Reflecting now, I just want to curl up in a dark room by myself to cry and pray. How can my sweet brothers and sisters live in a place where rats live in their mattresses? Looking out into the filthy water, all I could do was cling to the promise He's made for a better life. One day I hope to dance, praising the King, with the priceless soul wrapped in my arms. My only goal in life is to accomplish this for the after life.

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Make a difference where you are

You don’t have to travel to a third world country to create change. Sometimes, it’s our simplest choices that can make the most difference! Begin with spreading the word about what BeOne’s doing. The more people who know about us, the more people can help us and the more we can help people. Start following us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and our blog today!


Fundraising Efforts

Who says fundraising can’t be fun? Let’s make an event out of it. All you have to do is put on an event at your school and send the proceeds you make to BeOne. We can take it from there! Need some ideas? Start here.

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Puerto Plata The Dominican Republic

Who you're helping

Your support is bringing dreams to life! We are working in the Dominican Republic and Haiti right now to rescue and protect children and to also provide them with adequate food, water, medical supplies, shelter, clothing and any other resources they need. While trying to create change within the island, we are working to build a vocational school, youth development center, and orphanage.



We take very seriously the area of donations. We strive to live and lead by example, in every area of our lives, and this includes the integrity and character of our foundation in regards to your donation. Thank you for helping BeOne Foundation make this dream a possibility.

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